Nexedi KK announces early tests in Japan of SlapOS Next Generation Open Source Cloud Computing

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March 10th, 2011
Nexedi KK

Nexedi KK announces early tests in Japan of SlapOS Next Generation Open Source Cloud Computing

For realizing free safety independent cloud

Nexedi KK has today started testing of SlapOS cloud computing operating system in Japan. SlapOS is a next generation Cloud Operating System based on the Simple Language for Accounting and Provisioning (SLAP). By allocating and configuring processes automatically on a large number of servers located all over the world, either in data centers, in office premises or at home, SlapOS provides a single platform for IaaS, PaaS or SaaS with an operating cost as low as 100 Yen per month and energy savings of 50% compared to traditional solutions.

SlapOS can leverage IPv6, which is soon to be widely adopted in Japan. It can run on private clouds and helps protecting the privacy of corporate data against foreign intelligence. Because multiple independent vendors can provide SlapOS service, customers are better protected against natural disasters which could exist in Japan or against data loss which is currently happening increasingly with single vendor based legacy Cloud.

Early tests of SlapOS will focus on "qemu" open source virtualization, sheepdog distributed storage created by NTT Laboratories, kumofs distributed persistent cache created by Sadayuki FURUHASHI and ERP5 open source ERP, the most popular open source ERP in Japan. In addition, Nexedi will integrate SlapOS to legacy Cloud application to provide simplified user interface and billing.

Nexedi is welcoming more companies to join the early test phase. In particular, companies looking for a platform to turn existing software into SaaS or PaaS may find in SlapOS a useful platform to reduce time to market. Companies looking for an alternative to legacy proprietary Cloud are also welcome to this test phase.

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