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Nexedi is Europe's largest open-source software (OSS) publisher and creator of ERP5. At Nexedi, we design, develop and deploy enterprise solutions ranging from ERP to pure Decentralized Cloud and Industrial Big Data.

Latest News

20-02 2024

Collecting vRAN KPIs with SlapOS

Recent versions of SlapOS Amarisoft software release can collect and send xlog data to remote data lakes using a common file format over fluentd protocol for KPI calculation, consolidation and AI.
22-12 2023

A new test suite for SlapOS REST API

SlapOS new REST API is now validated by a complete test suite which demonstrates the relevance of a content-based approach.
31-05 2021

Controling a conveyor with the open source software Beremiz

A blog post about the creation of OSIE's first coupler which is being controlled by Beremiz.
02-11 2020

Building a fruit selection machine from scratch

Within the first phase of the project, we built a small production line entirely from open source and open hardware materials in order to have a demonstrator to work on and develop our OSIE components. This blog post explains some of the details.