Turnkey Enterprise Cloud Solution with 2880 x86 cores priced 205.000€ announced by Horizon Computing and Nexedi

Turnkey Enterprise Cloud announced by Horizon Computing and Nexedi - Priced 205.000€ per building block - Based on Open Hardware Solutions (OHS) and SlapOS fully integrated Edge Cloud - Using 2880 x86 cores per block
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Paris, Lille, Tokyo, Munich, Shanghai, May 11th, 2017. Horizon Computing Solutions, and Nexedi today announced the general availibility of a turnkey Enterprise Cloud offering based on recertified Open Hardware Solutions (OHS) and SlapOS fully integrated Edge Cloud solution.

The hardware offering relies on building blocks of 180 dual Xeon servers. Each subsystem integrates 2880 x86 core, 11.5 TB of main memory and 180 TB of high performance, full SSD storage. Networking relies on redundant industry standard 10 Gbps Ethernet. Each building block is coming at a price of 205,000 Euros and is ready to scale to hundred thousands of cores.

turnkey Enterprise Cloud Based On Open Hardware Solutions and SlapOS open source edge cloud

The software offering relies on SlapOS Open Source / Free Software. SlapOS integrates IaaS (virtualisation, nano-containers), PaaS, software defined networking, accounting, billing, provisionning, orchestration, automated disaster recovery, network resiliency and edge computing. Typical SlapOS monthly operating cost per building block is 4800 euro.

For about 1 million euros, a corporation can create it's private Cloud backbone with up to 16 000 x86 cores and full control on costs and foreign intelligence threats, something which can not be guaranteed by public cloud providers in any country.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, explains: "SlapOS performance on big data loads has been benchmarked as four times higher than with other cloud platforms. Total monthly operating cost of a 16 GB / 2 core virtual machine is about 7 euros, which is 2 to 10 times less than current public cloud providers."

Jean-Marie Verdun, CEO of Horizon Computing, concludes: "Open Hardware is a fast growing trend in the IT hardware industry and opens doors to new business opportunities, that leverage the main benefit of such a design approach. Customers can benefit from a more flexible infrastructure, easier to manage solutions, virtually unlimited lifetime and better disposale solutions."

Proposed offers comes with a full 1 year on site warranty and require a limited space of 2.5 sqm per building block.

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About Horizon Computing

Horizon Computing Solutions is an end to end Open Hardware solutions provider. Strongly involved in open source software engineering dedicated to Open Hardware design like FreeCAD and KiCAD, the company develop state of the art computers and datacenters based on a strong community spirit approach. Horizon Computing Solutions is also focused on global product lifecycle and leverage Open Hardware benefits to extend system lifetime reducing waste production. Horizon Computing Solutions operates in North America and in Europe through Splitted-Desktop Systems it's parent company.

More information: http://www.horizon-computing.com

About Nexedi

Nexedi is the largest publisher of Open Source / Free Software in Europe with 15 million lines of original source code. Nexedi enterprise software portfolio covers business applications (ERP5), edge cloud computing (SlapOS), big data (Wendelin), distributed transactional NoSQL database (NEO), HTML5 productivity (OfficeJS), progressive offline web applications (RenderJS, JIO), software defined resilient networking (re6st), devops (Webrunner) and multimedia conversion (cloudooo). 

With presence in Europe, Asia and Americas, Nexedi addresses a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare to government sectors. The Free Software nature of Nexedi solutions eliminates licensing costs, provides full freedom to update or customise the system as business requirements change and let corporations capitalize their know how with no single vendor lock-in. Nexedi provides 24/7 support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate their mission critical applications to Free Software solutions.

More information: http://www.nexedi.com

About SlapOS

Born in 2009, SlapOS is the only Open Source / Free Sofware solution for edge computing that has been deployed commercially and successfully. Based on a Hyperconverged Orchestration System (HyOS) that consistently integrates provisionning, devops, accounting, billing, monitoring, orchestration and automated disaster recovery, SlapOS can be used to implement in a few days or weeks public clouds, distributed mesh clouds, big data clouds, hyperconverged infrastructures, IoT appstores ir edge computing. SlapOS technology is at the core of Teralab, a big data platform that was awarded by the Big Data Value Association (https://www.teralab-datascience.fr/fr/home/The+project/About+us/niveau-europeen-) and used by dozens of multinational corporations. SlapOS has been deployed together with ERP5 at Airbus, Mitsubishi, Aide et Action, Capago, etc.

More information: http://community.slapos.org



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