GKR successfully implements global ERP in 3 months based on HTML5 offline technology

GKR, international group in rubber industry, has implemented in 3 months an exemplary purchase-production-sales data acquisition and management system for 14 subsidiaries in China and south-east Asia, through worldwide deployment of offline HTML5 Application, central ERP5 open source platform and GrandeNet application delivery network.
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Paris (France), Tokyo (Japan), Guangzhou (China) - March, 16th 2016

Under the direction of VP Yinzhong Xiong, GKR, international group and leader of China's rubber industry covering rubber planting, processing, sales and R&D, has reached a major milestone on its road toward enterprise informationization construction, thanks to the worldwide deployment of offline HTML5 App and central  ERP5 open source platform adapted to the specific supply-production-sales process of GKR the rubber company. After 3 months' system implementation, 20 users in 14 sites in China and South Asia started to input daily operation data to a single ERP5 platform for data processing and reporting, from the 1st day of system online.

The director of GKR ERP projet says: "GKR has grown steadily in the past 13 years and has become an international group. However, except for accounting, most other daily business operations are managed in a traditional way. The deployment of an ERP based on offline HTML5 technology has reduced drastically the time to implement the project by eliminating the need for local server setup in each factory and by eliminating the need for face to face training of each user. Centralization onto a single platform of data synchronized from each factory simplifies management and decision making by producing consistent consolidated reports for inventory, available to promise, etc., for the whole group or for each subsidiary."

Yusei Tahara, Nexedi Project Director, adds: "The Web based, central ERP solution proposed by Nexedi aims at using browser-based offline HTML5 technology to aggregate daily operation data from 14 sites of GKR to a central ERP5 platform for data processing and management, and then leverage data from the central ERP5 platform to produce reports. The process of data synchronization is implemented in Javascript using JIO framework. It is much simpler and faster to implement and maintain an HTML5 offline application than synchronizing 14 local ERPs to a central ERP. The use of offline HTML5 application and synchronization to a central ERP also simplifies base data management by enforcing immediate control on base data definition. We believe this approach is a good reference for Chinese Government's Internet+ in the Agriculture industry."

Dongliang Wu, business manager of GKR ERP project, declares: "ERP5 has been identified quickly by the GKR project team as the best solution to implement the GKR ERP system. The combination of offline HTML5 App and central ERP5 solution was the most feasible and rational solution in terms of time, budget and objectives. Through this approach, GKR saved at least 6 months and a huge amount of budget compared to competing approaches. Another success factor in the project was Nexedi's implementation approach which relies on a single highly productive senior engineer for the whole implementation rather than on a dozen of beginners with costly management overhead."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, concludes: "JIO offline HTML5 Application technology enables certain modules such as Purchase, Inventory, Production and Sales that are essential for daily data input to be used offline and with low bandwidth. This is very useful in countries where Internet is not always stable or in areas which require to use satellite access such as Thuraya. We also used GrandeNet application delivery network in this project to ensure good connectivity to servers of GKR in Guangzhou. GrandeNet helps GKR circumvent problems of Internet routing instability in China, Thailand or Indonesia. We could observe for now 2 months that no network downtime has prevented users to synchronize information, even in remote areas. The combination of offline HTML5 and GrandeNet is thus a true enabler for full online global ERP approach."

About GKR

GKR is founded by GDNK under the authorization of China's Ministry of Agriculture. Over the past 13 years, with the growth of its rubber business, GKR has become an international group and leader of China's rubber industry with over 40 sites covering rubber planting, processing, sales and R&D, GKR all over China and Southeast Asia.

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