VIFIB Distributed Mesh Cloud (DMC) approaches Zero Emission with Net PUE of 20%

VIFIB announces Zero Emission allocation
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Paris, December 8, 2014. ViFiB deployed today a new resource allocation algorithm that reduces energy usage of cloud computing by 30% or more. Thanks to this new algorithm, ViFiB Net Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) reached a record low of 20%, better than previous world record at Uspenski datacenter (Helsinki, Finland).

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of ViFiB, explains: "Power Usage Effectiveness measures the efficiency of energy usage in datacenters by comparing how much power is used by computers of an IT facility and how much net power is used by the IT facility as a whole. In traditional datacenters, a lot of energy is wasted for cooling, resulting in PUE of 150% or more. By reusing heat generated by computers for houselhold heating and using natural cooling, some datacenters with PUE of 150% achieve Net PUE of less than 50%."

Rafael Monnerat, ViFiB COO, adds: "ViFiB innovation consists of reducing Net PUE by allocating cloud computing resources in priority to, first, computers that contribute to household heating, second, to computers which load is already greater than 25%, and third to computers which load is less than 25%. This simple allocation process optimizes power efficiency by leveraging the non-linear relation between computer load and power usage as illustrated bellow; the more a computer is used, the less additional energy it requires to be further used."

Rafael Monnerat, continues: "In other words, running two processes of 40% load each in the same computer consumes less energy than running each process alone in a different computer." 

Alain Takoudjou, ViFiB developer, confirms:  "In addition to lowest Net PUE, ViFiB also provides one of the highest Net Performance per Watt by using exclusively low power Core M (45W Core i7) and solid state disks (SSD) that power its heat pipe cooled micro-servers. This infrastructure has been deployed for more than 4 years and has reached sufficient stability to host mission critical ERP for large multinational companies."

Jean-Paul Smets concludes: "ViFiB new allocation algorithm has been developped thanks to Paris Region "AIR" programme which promotes innovation and entrepreneurship of eco-efficient technologies. It demonstrates that smart cities can also be eco-efficient cities."  

Power Usage vs. Computer Load

Two processes allocated on two computers require 100 W

Two processes allocated in the same computer require 70W

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