Rapid.Space: High Performance, Low Cost, Ethical Cloud based on Open Hardware and Free Software

Nexedi launches beta phase of rapid.space * low cost, high performance, ethical cloud * based on Open Hardware, Open Source Free Software and circular economy
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Amsterdam, October 1st, 2018

Nexedi launched today the beta phase of rapid.space, a low cost, high performance cloud service entirely based on Open Hardware, Open Source / Free Software and circular economy. For 25EUR, developers can reserve immediately a dedicated Open Compute Project (OCP) server with 256 GB of RAM, 20 Intel Xeon core, 4 TB SSD, 10 Gbps network and 1 Gbps shared internet transit. The server is charged 195EUR / month as soon as it is delivered with 390EUR paid upfront.

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, explains: "rapid.space slashes cloud costs for developers, startup companies, government and corporations. Just like a low cost airline, everything was designed in rapid.space to reach the lowest possible price by removing any non essential feature, component or process. Compared to traditional dedicated hosting and public clouds, rapid.space is 30% to 95% cheaper."

Jean-Marie Verdun of ITRenew, says: "rapid.space utilizes our groundbreaking Sesame products. By applying circular economy practices, we have created the first and only line of high-performance, recertified compute servers and storage systems that meets the same business objectives as new hardware. We start with systems built for the most sophisticated hyperscale data centers and designed according to OCP standards. Then, using our unique processes and IP, we engineer the hardware into a line of products with reliability, quality, and LTV performance comparable new OEM systems but available at less than half the price."

Steve Helvie, VP of Channel Development at Open Compute Project: "Jean Marie and the team at ITRenew continue to do a great job enabling local partners like Nexedi through a circular economy business model focused on OCP solutions."

Rafael Monnerat, VP for rapid.service, explains: "rapid.space is entirely based on Open Source / Free Software. This means that any of our customers can contribute to any part of rapid.space platform: provisioning, monitoring, disaster recovery, accounting, billing, etc. It also means that any of our customers could copy our platform and become their own cloud provider. And, thanks to Zero Knowledge technology, we make sure that we do not store in our platform any sensitive customer information."

Jean-Paul Smets concludes: "rapid.space is the first cloud operator that implements full transparency of its platform through full source code disclosure. Our target market consists of developers looking for big servers at low cost. rapid.space applications include: big data, A.I., continuous integration, disaster recovery, ERP backend, e-commerce backend, Virtual Radio Access Network (VRAN), etc."


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  • Jean-Paul Smets -  Telephone: +33(0)-6-29-024425 -  Email:  jp@nexedi.com
  • Rafael Monnerat -  Telephone: +33(0)-6-09034119 -  Email:  rafael@nexedi.com


Open Compute Compute Foundation endorsement of Rapid.Space as new community member.

Steve Helvie, VP of Compute Compute Foundation, with Rafael Monnerat, COO of Rapid.Space.

IT Renew booth at OCP Summit in Amsterdam.

About Nexedi

Nexedi is the largest publisher of Open Source / Free Software in Europe with 15 million lines of original source code. Nexedi enterprise software portfolio covers business applications (ERP5), edge cloud computing (SlapOS), big data (Wendelin), distributed transactional NoSQL database (NEO), HTML5 productivity (OfficeJS), progressive offline web applications (RenderJS, JIO), software defined resilient networking (re6st), devops (Webrunner) and multimedia conversion (cloudooo). 
With presence in Europe, Asia and Americas, Nexedi addresses a wide range of industries ranging from aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare to government sectors. The Free Software nature of Nexedi solutions eliminates licensing costs, provides full freedom to update or customize the system as business requirements change and let corporations capitalize their know how with no single vendor lock-in. Nexedi provides 24/7 support to corporations and governments wishing to migrate their mission critical applications to Free Software solutions. More information onhttp://www.nexedi.com

About Rapid.Space

rapid.space is the low cost, high performance and ethical cloud service of Nexedi group, powered by Open Compute Project hardware and operated by VIFIB using SlapOS Edge Computing technology, rapid.space provides large size server cluster with SSD storage and 10 Gbps LAN at a fraction of the cost of traditional public cloud providers. All source code of rapid.space, including accounting and billing, is provided under Open Source / Free Software licenses so that developers can either contribute to rapid.space features or replicate rapid.space on their premises. By relying on on recycled hardware, rapid.space contributes to environmental protection through circular economy. More information onhttps://beta.rapid.space

About ITRenew | Data Center Asset Disposition and ITAD

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, ITRenew supports the data erasure and data center decommissioning needs of some of the most large-scale, data-rich, privacy-focused organizations in the world. ITRenew’s technology-driven approach streamlines traditional data center decommissioning processes to deliver superior data and asset security, value recovery and IT sustainability. ITRenew was designated a Visionary in the Magic Gartner Magic Quadrant for IT Asset Disposition, Worldwide and named to the 2016 Inc. 5000, finishing among the top 10 percent of all ranked companies in gross revenues.  More information onhttps://itrenew.com/

About Open Compute Project

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is reimagining hardware, making it more efficient, flexible, and scalable. Join our global community of technology leaders working together to break open the black box of proprietary IT infrastructure to achieve greater choice, customization, and cost savings. More information onhttps://www.opencompute.org/


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  • Jean-Paul Smets is the founder and CEO of Nexedi. After graduating in mathematics and computer science at ENS (Paris), he started his career as a civil servant at the French Ministry of Economy. He then left government to start a small company called “Nexedi” where he developed his first Free Software, an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) designed to manage the production of swimsuits in the not-so-warm but friendly north of France. ERP5 was born. In parallel, he led with Hartmut Pilch (FFII) the successful campaign to protect software innovation against the dangers of software patents. The campaign eventually succeeeded by rallying more than 100.000 supporters and thousands of CEOs of European software companies (both open source and proprietary). The Proposed directive on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions was rejected on 6 July 2005 by the European Parliament by an overwhelming majority of 648 to 14 votes, showing how small companies can together in Europe defeat the powerful lobbying of large corporations. Since then, he has helped Nexedi to grow either organically or by investing in new ventures led by bright entrepreneurs.
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  • Lead developer of VIFIB, Rapid.Space and SlapOS.
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